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While researching Thailand...

Environmental tip while scuba diving/snorkeling

"Take only pictures and leave only bubbles!"

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Getting closer

T-minus 7 days


Reminiscent of the days of university yore, Marv, Grace and I pounded out the details of the Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia leg of our trip together. Caffeine, munchies, books, paper and wifi took up the table as we virtually and literally explored the countries that awaited us. We added a few locales to our trip, (regretfully) nixed a few, and got pumped up for the rest.

Temples, Bat Cave, and Abandoned Pepsi Factory, here we come!

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And the countdown ticks away...

As the clock rang midnight, "our trip countdown days just hit less than double-digits!" Marvin so dutifully pointed out.

Oh gawd.


I haven't made it through half of these yet.

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Totally not related to travel

...or maybe it is...

The Travellers Point (omg...is that grammatically horrible?) icon--you know, the little square that appears in the tab next to the page title--just says "TP." Hehehe. Toilet Paper.

How can we relate TP to travel? Well, bringing your own is never a bad idea. There. I related the two. This is now officially a travel post. :)

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A little story to share

Originally written in December 2007

She can hear a commotion--if it can be called that--out in the receptionist's area, but she doesn't look up; it's probably the delivery boy with that day's mail. She continues with her monotonous routine of office duties: verify, type, check, file. She suddenly becomes aware of someone looming over the front of the desk. She looks up and finds herself looking into his face. Slightly stunned, but without being able to help herself, she smiles.

"What are you doing here?"

He returns the smile, but ignores her question and instead poses one of his own.

"Where's your passport?"

"At home, why?"

Still smiling, he again ignores her question.

"Let's go get it."

He reaches over and extends his hand to her. Puzzled, but trusting, she takes it and allows herself to be gently raised to her feet. He leads her out from behind her desk, past the receptionist, and out of the building, believing, blinking, into the sunlight.


At the beginning of our relationship, we didn't know much about each other, but we knew that we shared a love for travel. Each of us had the passion to explore the world and had already begun our individual treks across the globe, but now that we'd found each other, we didn't have to do it alone.

I met Marv in a whirlwind of events and couldn't stop thinking about him from the moment I exchanged my first words with him. My daydream (above) not only foretold the fact that he was going to rescue me from monotony, but that, indeed, we would go get our passports and begin to fill them together. He shared that with me, and now we're sharing it all with you.

<3 M&M

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